Dr. Keep is a Clinical Psychologist with over 35 years in private practice. She now adopts a new "second" career, writing for the pleasure of families and children. Her intention is to inspire, educate, and entertain.

"I hope readers enjoy the personal legacy journals, children's books, and adult books."

“YOU deserve some relaxation time and I hope to help inspire the time to focus on you, your children, family, and friends. There is much joy in charting your personal legacy, cuddling over a good book with a child, and building happy healthy relationships.”

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          Dr. Linda Keep - Rated  #1  Psychologist in Sherwood Park, AB.
 5     "Fantastic in every way, wish I could give 6 stars!"
Submitted March 26, 2016

 5     "One of the most professional MD, I have ever had a chance to
         meet. Compassionate and kind. She listened and provided
         great ideas to cope with difficult situation."
Submitted December 16, 2013


"The most important story is your own."
Dr. Linda J. Keep

Clinical Psychologist
Wife and Mother
Dr. Keep felt privileged to have served the general community, schools, courts, corporations, military, and first responders such as RCMP, fire fighters, and EMS for well over three decades. She provided therapy and assessment services through her clinic of private practitioners to individuals, youth, children, couples, families, and organizations.
In 2015 Dr. Keep shifted her writing focus to the general public. (Prior writings were directed to psychological, legal, and educational professionals.) Her 1st Personal Legacy Journal was published in August 2016. The 1st copies of the Dragon Series Children's Books (in English, French, & Spanish) were published in December 2016 and February 2017. More books are coming!
Dr. Keep married in 1982 to a wonderful loving husband. The couple were blessed with two amazing sons 3 and 7 years later. The family grew to include two lovely daughters-in-law and the family was blessed with their first grandchild in 2016.

"Family and children are a true blessing for which I thank God daily." Dr. Linda J. Keep

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